Our Team

James Guardino
Founder + Director/Producer

James is the founder of the company and directs most of the videos. He works with our clients and internal team on strategy and creatively overseeing the process to make sure everything is up to premium standards.

He has a master’s degree in journalism from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and his media experience includes work with Dow Jones, Advance Publications (Conde Nast), Bridge News, PBS, History Channel (A&E Networks).

Tom Elia

An award-winning writer, Tom uses emotion, anecdotes, and storytelling to build brands that resonate with people—and to create the ads, films, and interactive experiences that persuade them.

Over the past twenty years, he’s worked in big ad agencies, small boutiques, and at home in his boxers to create campaigns that solve problems and sell a point of view.

Also, Tom is almost 100% sure he’s the only Tom Elia to win both a Cannes Lion and the New Yorker cartoon caption contest.

Christine Guardino, PhD
Consulting Producer

Dr. Guardino’s research focuses on the physiological and behavioral pathways through which chronic stress affects health. Her work has been published in over a dozen medical journals and she works with our healthcare and education clients in making sure messaging is clear, accurate and digestible to the non-expert audience.

Seth Braverman
Business Development Lead

Seth brings years of marketing and business development experience working with creative partners to help clients successfully market their brand. As part of the Bluedeeno team he identifies potential new clients, crafts proposals, reviews contracts and hosts client meetings, in golf shoes when possible.

Our team has won the following distinctions:

  • Five Emmys
  • 1 Cannes Lion
  • Bud Greenspan Award – Best Short
  • AVN Best Documentary Nomination
  • 1 PhD and a 5th Grade Spelling Bee


  • Discovery + Research

    Where we gather details of the vision for the campaign and the desired impact. We focus on what is great about your product, the target audience and project objectives.

  • Strategy + Creative Development

    During this phase we will establish visual look and feel and messaging. We'll also write a treatment to describe how we see the video, the concept and resources we will need to achieve it.

  • Pre-production + Production + Post

    The meat and potatoes stage where we schedule, shoot and edit your video. This includes adding visual + sound effects and music. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. We're here to work with you.

  • Deliver + Celebrate

    This is best part where you get your very own amazing video. The assets we create are yours to use as you see fit. Eating cupcakes to celebrate is entirely optional, but encouraged.



Casting, Exploratory Filming, Creative Concepting, Pitch and Treatments, Writing, Storyboards, Art Direction, Set Design


Feature Films, Episodic Television, Broadcast Advertising, Branded Content, Digital Films for web and mobile


Editing (Avid, Premiere, Final Cut), Color Correction, Pro Tools Sound Design and Mix, Licensing, Original Music Scoring & Recording, Motion Graphics, Titles & EFX (After Effects, Nuke)


Projects Finished


Cups of Coffee


Satisfied Clients


Awards Won