Healthcare + Biotech

Bluedeeno is passionate about the healthcare and wellness sector because it’s where new discoveries and technology are directly changing lives for the better.


Over the last two years, we created an original, branded digital video series for Foundation Medicine – a company that develops unique ways to test for and treat cancer. In conjunction with Foundation Medicine’s marketing and communications team, we made two dozen videos and short docs that helped raised its profile online and in the cancer community. Our composer wrote an original score that used the same musical themes with different instrumentation for each video – so each video sounds both fresh and branded. We also built moving graphics based on FMI’s color palette and logo.

Another client is Global Blood Therapeutics, where in partnership with Third Rock Ventures, we produced a digital short to show how the company was formed (through Third Rock’s innovative investment strategy) and to further showcase the company’s mission to help those with blood diseases like Sickle Cell which has been historically underfunded and under researched.

Here’s what makes us different


We are expert interviewers

Interviewing is a skill that is often overlooked. Being prepared with thoughtful questions, knowing what to listen for, and even pivoting on the fly when needed helps keep our subjects on message and at ease on camera.  A good interviewer can make or break a project.


As part of the interviewing process, our team creates a brand-messaging document, talking points memo and conducts pre-interview briefs so all are involved and comfortable with the process.


We even have a social scientist with a PhD on the team to help translate and communicate complex messaging.

Smart, meaningful work with heart

The messaging from some companies in the healthcare space can come across as cold and data driven. When appropriate, we love to highlight the humanity that is at the heart of every healthcare company’s mission.


Here two of our favorites examples of work with a human touch:

We love goggles and lab coats

We are very familiar with the lab environment and can capture exciting and interesting work while staying out of the way and not breaking anything.